What makes Pathfinders stand out among the rest?

What makes Pathfinders stand out among the rest?

Pathfinders has played a key role in developing the process of career choice into a science. The main reason we got into this line of work is because we love it, but we also wanted to find a way to really help people make smart career decisions.

Pathfinders is at the vanguard of career consulting and often provides advice to career counselors on how to update their techniques. Although most of the standard career tools and approaches out there are widely used and inexpensive, they are based on an outdated model of human nature. The majority of career counselors are still using tools and methods that were developed a century ago.

We’ve met career advisors and career counselors from the best colleges and universities who are curious about how we do things differently. A career center director at Yale University stated that he has tried every career tool out there, and after working with Pathfinders, he was simply stunned at the level of sophistication, insight and value we offer.

Nick Lore, the founder of the career coaching field and bestselling career choice book author stated that Pathfinder’s senior coach is the “paragon of aptitude test interpretation,” and referred their most challenging clients from around the world to work with Anthony Spadafore.