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change your career, do great work

The CareerCX Program

Are you ready to change careers? Have you been dreaming of a career that allows you to do meaningful work or better fits your lifestyle? Do you feel that your career has stalled?

Whether it’s fine-tuning your current career, a complete career change, a mid-life career redesign or the leap to self-employment, Pathfinders can help take the mystery out of career change. We’ve created a career design approach to career change and can guide you through a proven career change method.



Our CareerCX program is a comprehensive, customizable approach to career change that guides you through our four-phase career design process. It begins with Phase 1, our powerful career assessment test, which provides an objective picture of your natural gifts. Then your coach will guide you step-by-step through Phases 2 and 3, a human-centered systems design approach that will result in one or more career prototypes that you can “test drive” to feel confident in. Then your coach will help you make your final choice of a new career and strategize your career transition (Phase 4).

The CareerCX program is perfect for mid-career or seasoned professionals who want to change careers or optimize their current career, professionals transitioning from the public sector or the military to the private sector, and individuals nearing retirement who want to plan for a second or even third career.

What's Included?

The CareerCX program begins with Phase 1, the Careerfinder testing, including the career aptitude testing, a natural talent results kit, a 1.5 hour test interpretation consultation, and then continues with Phases 2 and 3, which includes up to four career-design coaching sessions. Then the process wraps up with some tactical transition strategy and advice in Phase 4 to launch your new career.

Pathfinders can help you design your career and build the bridge to get you there. You’re welcome to contact us or set up a free consultation to ask questions to explore a fit with your career situation:

How to get started with the CareerCX: