What Should I Do When I Grow Up? Part 2

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What Should I Do When I Grow Up?

Today, people have many career interests but are unclear about what to dedicate themselves to. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many people go their whole lives without figuring out “what I should be when I grow up.”

Getting exactly what you want in life is often seen as a rare privilege, not a choice. Some will call you a crazy fool for pursuing a career you’ll enjoy. Still, part of you senses that it is possible to get up in the morning eager to do something that matters.

Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone

Fortunately, our biology does us a favor if we are playing life too safe. Not living up to our potential causes unhealthy stress. The costs of staying in the wrong career can put a serious dent in our self-image, and even make us sick. In this case, pain is a good thing; our bodies want us to reduce the incongruity and get our act together. Boredom, frustration, cynicism and depression are symptoms or warning signs telling you it’s time to figure things out.

Reach Your Potential

Your expectations and rules of what a career should be often limit the possibilities to the same old rut. Getting what you want takes adding new territory to your personal reality map. At this very moment you do have a choice. You can either reduce the pain temporarily, or you can move toward creating new possibilities for your life.

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