Mid-Career Professionals

Learn about our mid-career change strategies for success for Gen X & mid-career professionals.

mid-career professional

Play To Your Strengths

My career is OK, but can I keep doing it for another 20 years? I'm seeking to be masterful at what I do, but what is that? At this stage of the game every step counts. How do you nail down exactly what your focus is? Are you rethinking retirement? Do you foresee a longer, more rewarding path? For many, this is a question of "when" not "if" they should refocus their career direction. The Careerfinder PLUS program can give you clarity to move forward. » Careerfinder PLUS

Design the Career You Want

I'm more or less successful but tired of the 9-to-5 grind and ready to rethink my career. How do I build something custom-fit and invigorating? Should I be an entrepreneur and create something special? What difference do I want to make? How do I get there from here and what does it take? Our CareerCX program is a customizable course that can help you expediently design, choose, and strategize your next steps toward a new career. » CareerCX

Mid-career Change Strategies: Benefits

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