College Freshman What Should I Major In?

October 2017

Hi Anthony, just wanted to give you an update on Harrison’s progress…

I am very thankful for your help…it has helped him narrow his focus.  Right now he is not leaning towards the self-directed degree…I’m concerned that he may not get the help he needs there with landing an internship if he is not tied to a particular department, so I am not pushing that and letting him decide on a major.  

He met with Environmental Studies and Geography/Earth Science department….at the moment he says he is leaning towards a Major in Environmental Studies with a minor in GIS.  He’s not leaning towards Biology….not even as a minor…since he is taking an entry level Biology class now that isn’t clicking, which might be the reason….

Anyway, working on getting him to focus his conversations around Internship possibilities….  I am hoping that once he declares a major he will get more help than he has gotten from the “undecided” advisors on campus…..  

Thanks again!