Career Change at 40 and After

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Making a Career Change at 40 and After

For many, a career change at 40-something is about optimizing. Many people have accomplished major career and life goals and are ready to take a breather to plan for their next career move, possibly an entrepreneurial venture.

For others, a mid-career change is about reinventing themselves to discover what they would really look forward to doing. I regularly meet 40-something moms who are ready to return to work, but want to start over in something new. I also see a lot of creative people that landed in an unsatisfying field early on and are now ready to launch a more exciting, fulfilling or unconventional career path.

In the last decade, I’ve even seen a significant increase of people in their 50s and 60s who are rethinking their career path. Many are highly successful, they attained executive and director level positions and have a strong, internal pull to apply their years of experience and mastery to solve an important problem, make a difference or even turn their life into more of a playful adventure.

Doing something that suits your strengths and sense of purpose reduces bad stress and promotes a sustainable, healthy life balance.

Read on for some things to keep in mind before making a career change at 40 or so . . .