How to Make a Career Change at 40 and After: Part 2

Making a Career Change at 40 and After

Moving your career in a new direction can seem daunting, but if done wisely it can be exhilarating. You are likely facing big questions, such as whether you can take advantage of your experience and accelerate your change without starting over from scratch.

It is difficult to make a smart career change without a well thought out strategy. People who commence on making career changes usually start by architecting a vision for where they’re headed. This is more easily done if you take a step back and first take stock of your natural talents. The key ingredient in a successful career change plan is knowing exactly what your strengths are.

Many seasoned professionals admit that they had the inclination to make a career switch earlier, but circumstances let them off the hook. By the time you reach your 50s, it gets even harder to tolerate work you don’t enjoy or find meaningful. If your job isn’t living up to your standard of what’s more important in life, it gets increasingly more difficult to stay motivated and competitive in your field. Rather than disguise your lack of interest, it’s an incredible feeling to step forward, own up to your situation and plan your exit strategy.

Pathfinders has tools and methodologies to help you design and launch an effective career transition. The Careerfinder can help you maximize the use of your strongest talents and Anthony Spadafore, senior career consultant at Pathfinders can guide you through an exciting CareerCX Program.

Work and Play are words used to describe the same thing under different circumstances.  ~Mark Twain

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