I’m 30-something, looking to make a career change

I’m 30-something and considering several new career paths. Can you help me sort this out?

Yes, about half of our career change clients come to us with a few good career ideas already in mind.  Here’s an example of a question that comes in almost every day: 

“I am a 35 year old lawyer looking to make a career change. I am not yet certain exactly what I want to do next but can tell you where I have been and why I am thinking about a change.”

Any one of our programs can help you thoroughly evaluate your options and even help you with considering new out-of-the-box or entrepreneurial ideas. If you’re not sure which program suits your situation, go to our Contact page to set up a time to talk to Anthony. As well, a diagram of how our programs progress through the 4-phase career design process is at the top of the Approach page.