Who does Pathfinders help?

Who does Pathfinders help?

Pathfinder’s clientele span the age spectrum from juniors in high school to people planning for a second career in retirement. We help people at all career stages:

» College & High School students — ages 16 thru 24
» Young professionals — ages 25 thru 39
» Mid-career professionals — ages 40 thru 55
» Seasoned professionals — ages 56 thru 76

Pathfinders has helped people in all professions: medicine, physical sciences, earth sciences, life sciences, social sciences, business administration, finance and banking, health care, counseling, social work, education, travel, entertainment, fine arts, construction, trades, culinary arts, design arts, engineering, information technology, public policy, legal, law enforcement, military, retail, and personal services. 

It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in or how much experience you have, we can help you make smart career choices and well-planned career changes.