Find Your Career Path

What am I good at? Should I switch careers or go to grad school? Career test & quest to find your path.

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Discover Your Talents

What am I really good at? Lots of recent college graduates and young professionals land their first job and begin to question whether they're on the right career path. How do you begin to sort this out? What's the first step? Our Careerfinder Classic and Plus programs can help you get things moving in the right direction. » CLASSIC & PLUS

Make A Smart Career Choice

The world is my oyster, but how do I even begin to narrow things down? Many well-educated twenty-somethings are raring and ready to make a difference in the world, if only they knew what that was. What does it take to design and launch a really exciting and successful career? Our Careerpath QUEST program can help. » Careerpath QUEST

Young Professionals : Benefits

Know Your Direction

  • The first step toward an extraordinary career for young professionals starts with making smart career decisions.
  • Confidence in a young professional’s career path grows with an in-depth understanding of their natural talents and personality.
  • Young professionals with a well-designed career path have a major edge in this new leaner and more entrepreneurial economy.

Stand Out

  • Master your natural talents, stand out early in your career.
  • Hone your internal compass and be clear about your career direction.
  • Make smart choices about further education and strategic career moves.
  • Put yourself on a track for sustainable, authentic success.

Smooth Sailing . . .

  • Save 10 to 15 years of job-hopping into the wrong careers, really, it’s a jungle out there. 
  • Use precious resources wisely by pursuing the right advanced education.
  • Reduce stress from a lack of confidence in your abilities and direction.
  • Stop feeling lost or uncertain in a highly competitive job market.



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