Discovering Your Career Passion

To Discover Your Passion, Ask the Blue Footed Booby

anatomy of passion_headDiscovering your career passion is too often left to chance. What are your biggest passions? “I don’t really have any,” Erica replied. Erica is studying for her PhD in microbiology and is about to cross the finish line after almost 10 years of intense work. She finds lab research too repetitive: “There’s little room for creativity and imagination, and it’s too removed from making a real impact. If I knew what it was really like I would have taken a different path.” Erica is not as in love with biology as she hoped to be; glumly she said, “I married a blind date.” Passions do blossom through trying things, but there’s so much out there; how do you narrow things down? 

Nailing down which of your interests, curiosities or passions to pursue as a career can often be tricky. Many people would like to have meaningful work, but struggle with defining just what their strongest interests are. Some say they don’t have any leanings, while others say they have too many good ideas to narrow things down. It goes without saying that the majority of us would like significantly more excitement in our daily work. Picking a specific career direction that will bring long-term fulfillment, and not fizzle out, is where most of us get stuck.

Whether you have too few career ideas, too many, or have tried a something that waned, the first step in raising the fog to make clear choices for your future is to examine the vocabulary you use for getting what you want in life. Go on to part 2, How to Find Your Passion, to learn more. 

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