What’s the real value?

A very reasonable educational investment

Clients report that this is one of the best and most reasonable educational investments they’ve ever made, and our mid-career professionals say they wished they had thought of doing this program before they invested up to $250,000 on higher education that didn’t pan out. The cost of professional aptitude testing is a drop in the bucket when you consider your college tuition bills. It’s wise to invest in discovering your aptitudes and gain the confidence you need before investing in a college or graduate level education.

One Pathfinders client said he paid a golf coach three times the cost of our program for the same amount of time and attention. After his career test interpretation, he stated the value he received in a golfer’s analogy: “Is was tremendously worth it to me to cut my handicap in half, in one hour’s time.”

What is it worth to you to cut your “career handicap” at least in half for a small investment of time and money? In an hour’s time, you will come to clear conclusions about your life direction and get thoughtful and concise answers to questions that have often been left unresolved for decades.