Millennials Career Choices: Seek Meaningful Work

Millennials Forgo the Conventional Workplace

Millennials career choices have transformed since the economy tanked in 2009, there’s been a major uptick in seeking public sector jobs. On one hand, the private sector wasn’t hiring. But for some, this economy created a rare and welcome opportunity to pursue a real, more meaningful career path. Some say the millenial generation is less interested in chasing the money.  

A more nuanced way of looking at this shift to doing personally important work is to recognize that every generation wants to do something that matters, but more are willing to stretch for it when circumstances change the playing field.

Check out this video on the NY Times. A recent grad in graphic arts makes a great point about the tradeoff between doing something that you’re into (often for less money in the short run) and following the road most traveled.  In the long run, people who have the guts to build a career on doing what they’re best at, and care about, not only feel the most successful—they are.