Ready to cross the bridge to design and build your future? We can help you move your career in the right direction.

Careerfinder CLASSIC & PLUS

Discover Your Talents

Careerfinder CLASSIC (Phase 1)

Discover your talents, personality traits and strengths and find out what career paths fit you best. Includes our innovative professional career aptitude testing and a 1.5 hour talent profile consultation. » Details.

Highly effective for professionals, students, and explorers.



Careerfinder PLUS (Phase 1 + Navigation Strategy Session)

Careerfinder Plus has all same the benefits of the Classic, plus one more session (1.5 hr) for people who want to begin the process of strategizing their next steps. Perfect for do-it-yourself types. » Details.

Our best value career testing package.





Design Your Career

Careerpath QUEST (Phases 1 & 2)

A self discovery, career design and wayfinding exploration process for young and creative professionals, recent college graduates and students. Lay the ground work for a smart career choice: discover, design career path prototypes and go on exciting career quests. » Details.

Includes the Careerfinder test, 1.5 hr. talent profile consultation and three 1 hour sessions. 






Change Your Career

Pathfinders CareerCX (Phases 1 thru 4)

A highly customized, comprehensive, full-blown career design, change and self reinvention program for creative millennials, mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives who prefer to work more closely with a pathfinder career design specialist, step-by-step. Learn how to custom design and change your career wisely. » Details.

Begins with phase 1, the Careerfinder test and 1.5 hr. talent profile consultation. Phases 2 thru 4 are customizable to suit your situation. Let’s talk, explore a fit, and get a price quote.

Price range: $2,000 to $3,500



More Details

About the 4 Phases: » How It Works

Upgrades: Prefer to start small? We’re cool with program upgrades.

International Shipping: $35 USD (We ship with the faster INTL Priority Mail Express service at the price of regular priority mail, or 50% OFF). Delivery Estimate: 3 – 5 business days with online tracking to final destination (excluding customs delays).

Got Questions? Please feel welcome to set up a brief introductory 15 minute call (it’s free) to learn more and explore a fit with one of the programs, we love talking about this stuff.  





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