Career Change at 30

Young Professionals: Making a Career Change at 30

career change at 30

How to Change Careers at 30

By the time you reach 30, the reality of your career choice has set in. At this point, you’ve had five to ten years to test-drive your career path and you may be wondering what else you could be doing. It’s the age that most people have their first “a-ha moment” that it’s time rethink their initial career decision. Many tell me, “I’m almost 30, I think I’m finally ready to get serious and choose my real career.”

If you’re not into what you’re doing or excelling in your field, or if you’ve already done some job hopping and still haven’t found your way, chances are you’re in the wrong career ballpark all together. If you were in the right ballpark, you’d know it by now.

If you’ve hit your 30s and feel like you are in the wrong career, don’t beat yourself up—you’re not alone. Most of us make career decisions before we’re ready. Without enough accurate information about our strongest talents or where we fit in the career world, the best we can do in our 20s is wing it and hope for the best. About 75% of college grads say they did a lousy job of choosing their major.

Neuroscientists are finding that when young adults face complex choices, especially career choices, they take short cuts by following the crowd or overly romanticizing the potential outcome. As people near their 30s, the romance wears off and the reality of a bad career fit hits like a brick.

The bad news is that the future rarely works itself out and a trial and error approach to career change can be costly. The good news is there’s a better way.

Following are 5 principles for planning your career change at 30:

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