What services does Pathfinders offer?

What career services does Pathfinders offer?

Pathfinders offers 3 kinds of career help:

Uncover Your Talents — we offer an in-depth, sophisticated and professional career aptitude test to help you uncover and discover your natural talents. Many of us have hunches throughout our lives that we have innate knacks to do well at certain things, but we usually struggle with how to hone in on what these  “hidden” abilities are subtly whispering to us.  What am I really good at? We can expertly help you figure that out.

Choose Your Career — understanding your talents is the first step, from there you still have a quest to go on to explore how you want to engage your talents in the world. Choosing a career is tricky, it’s not much different than choosing someone to marry or spend your life with. How will I know if I’ll really enjoy it everyday? We can help you make smart career decisions by guiding you through our career design and quest process.

Change Your Career — we know that a majority of people, at least two-thirds, say that they more or less fell into a career. A very small number of people get lucky and pick the right career out of a hat, but most don’t. Most of our clients discover that they’ve built careers in the wrong talent ballpark altogether; we get lots of lawyers who are innately cut out to be psychologists, architects or whatever else. We can help you sort out where you fit in the career world, then step you through a process of designing, exploring, choosing, and strategizing your transition toward a new career.

Stuff we don’t do:  Pathfinders does not offer resume writing, job hunting, or placement services.