How is your career test different than Myers-Briggs (MBTI)?

How is your career test different than Myers-Briggs (MBTI)?

We include a personality type indicator that was designed to be even more accurate than the MBTI and is one of the many metrics we measure as part of our comprehensive profile.

In addition to the aptitude test profile of 12 innate talents and abilities, we add on a personality type indicator comparable to the MBTI. To provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of all your abilities, we integrate the personality type metrics (E/I, N/S, F/T, P/J) by showing how they combine with your problem-solving talents. In all, the personality type constitutes about 10 percent of our total profile.

We’ve found that many people know their MBTI type but haven’t learned how to apply it in making good career decisions. Keep in mind that the MBTI measures only four metrics, each is considered as a pair of opposites. For instance, you might be an INTP. However, there are a hundred different ways to be an INTP. Some INTPs are spatial, some are non-spatial. Some are Maestros and some are Tribals. Some are creative problem solvers and some are artistic.

Your personality type gives you a piece of puzzle, maybe 20 percent. In addition to measuring your personality type, Pathfinder’s testing includes a comprehensive battery of the aptitudes and “intelligence” testing modules designed and normed by cognitive psychologists. Our profile will give you a complete snapshot of your natural gifts. Our clients say they can finally answer the BIG question, “What am I cut out for?”

All in all, the real value of aptitude testing is in how the results are interpreted and personalized for you to apply in making well-informed career decisions.