I took the ASVAB test in the military, is your test similar?

I took a spatial aptitude test in the military, is your test similar?

Spatial Orientation is one of the many aptitudes we measure in our battery of 12 psychometric tests, plus a personality test.

The military offers a limited form of aptitude testing. They often measure spatial reasoning to slot recruits into an appropriate job. The majority of career tracks in the military require an aptitude for 3-dimensional thinking. As well, a very small percentage of high schools may offer archaic forms of aptitude testing but typically don’t offer a comprehensive battery that measures all your various talents, abilities and personality type characteristics.

Pathfinders has helped many people who have taken a very limited aptitude or personality test sometime in their past. A small percentage of people who come to us for testing say they already know a little about a few of their abilties but are still unsure or unable to make good career decisions.

Making smart career decisions requires gathering as much accurate information about your natural talents and personality as possible. The Careerfinder Program will help you discover all your talents and learn how to combine your abilities and personality traits into a complete and comprehensive profile. In the end, the real value of aptitude testing is in how the results are interpreted and personalized for you to apply in making well-informed career decisions.