Putting the cost in perspective

This is a once in a lifetime investment. When you consider this program in relation to 4 years of college tuition, it’s a drop in the bucket. Many of our clients consider this program a valuable step to support their decision-making before making any big moves such as going college, grad school, and making major career changes.  At least two-thirds of our clients are referred to us from prior clients, we’ve helped whole families who say the value is simply incredible.

Some details:

The Careefinder is $750 US and includes the career testing, talent profile results, one 1.5 hour consultation, and wrap up recommendations that guide you on some next steps to do on your own.

*Long-distance telephone charges for the consultation are NOT included in the program price, clients call us for their sessions. Video call consultations are available by Zoom.


U.S. Orders:  Free U.S. Priority Mail shipping, to and fro

International Orders: DHL Express, rates vary by country. Delivery estimate: 3 – 5 business days with tracking. Return postage to send back the completed testing materials is not included for international clients (most people scan their completed tests and email us a PDF).