Finding Your Career Path: Part 2

The money is good but i hate my career

The First Hurdle: Crossing Your Money Threshold

The more money you have, the less you’re worried about it. Once you’ve built your safety net, then what? I once got a call from a 30-year old software sales woman who retired from a as a millionaire. She said, “I’m bored and don’t want to stay in this profession anymore. I want to do something I love.” I asked her when she finally realized that he was in the wrong career. She said, “On day one. I only did it for the $$$.”

Unfortunately for most people, those million bucks never come. The initial thrust of accomplishment and power that comes with a lucrative salary wears off very fast; then you’re stuck with the daily grind if you don’t like the job itself. Sure, money can buy you love, and even a great lifestyle. You may be laughing all the way to the bank, but crying all the way to work.

A decade ago, computer related professions were on all the “hot careers for the future” lists. Today, forty percent of IT and computer professionals say they would choose another field if they could redo their college days; this is among the highest regret levels in any specific occupational field. Law is up there to. Choosing a career solely for its trend value will likely put you in the club of grumpy adults who hate their job.

What they don’t tell you in college: When you’re young, you are kind of dumb when it comes to knowing what makes you happy. You think money and status will, but then you wake up. Tolerating the monotony of an ill-suited career is a form self-torture. Move on . . . figure out what lights you up and go for it.

Learn how to find your career path, contact Anthony Spadafore, coauthor of the Now What? career choice book for young professionals.  

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