List of Career Choices

List of Career Choices by Pathfinders

Pathfinders has selected a list of career choices (actually, more than one list) for your exploration. These are online tools to help you do a reality check on the short list of career choices that you are strongly considering. Take a chill pill first, the career lists out there can be overwhelming if you haven’t narrowed things down yet.

Before getting too bogged down with broad “Anthropology to Zoology” career lists, a wise first step in making a good career choice is to have your natural talents professional measured.

Knowing how your “hidden” aptitudes, talents, and traits combine to shape your personality and natural abilities will help you dramatically narrow down the career possibilities to a very short career list that fits what you do best. Once you have a very specific ballpark of careers on your list that fit your talent profile, you’ll be more eager and ready to do the extensive research on very specific career fields that fit your natural talents.

Making smart career choices is an adventurous process. First, ask yourself what aspects you must have as components of your career. Second, design your career path, like a architect would design a blueprint. Third, investigate where your career design blueprint matches reality. Fourth, test drive the top contenders on your short list of careers.

The process of making a career choice is a balancing act between internal and external research that can take several months or longer. You’ll make faster progress with one foot in both worlds.

Develop A Short List of Career Choices To Research

A friendly note of wisdom: The frustrating, ineffective and usual way to narrow your career choices down is to browse and stare at the thousands of career titles and descriptions online and try to create a list you’re confident about. The consequences are ugly. I don’t recommend this step until you’ve had your aptitudes professionally tested. Nonetheless, if you must, good luck with it.

The following links provide alphabetical and category listings of the professions and their respective career titles.

Zippia – A rare and well done career site with a mission to help people aspire to their fullest potential. Research career paths by major or job industry, and explore jobs by companies and location at the same time.

O*Net OnLine – One of the best, most comprehensive online career exploration tools, by the US Department of Labor.

My Future – Stop wandering aimlessly and start investigating. My Future lists 1,000’s of careers and their descriptions in alphabetical order.

Standard Occupational Classification – The Bureau of Labor Statistics web site now has a new breakout of career titles in the Unitted States. This is a great source for a big picture scan on most of the major job titles today. If you’re currently a Pathfinders client and you’re working on your list of possible careers to research, this is a great starting place. The job descriptions are very brief at this site, its main emphasis is on career titles in major classifications.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook – The US Government’s key publication on the major career fields out there; although quite dry reading, it provides a basic map of the career world and essential information about prospective changes in the world of work and the qualifications that will be needed in the future.

Career Profession Descriptions – The University of Manitoba offers a excellent list of career field descriptions in the major professions.

The Riley Guide – One of the internet’s more comprehensive resources to assist with researching specific career professions. Use their “a to z” index to find your way around. – So you want to be a doctor, dentist, or nurse? Explore a comprehensive list of career choices in medical, medicine and health professions.

The NP Education Blog – What is a day in the life of a nurse practitioner (NP) really like? Check out this highly informative blog and learn about nurse practitioner educational pathways you can take.

Learn how to narrow down your list of careers to the best ones that fit what your natural abilities and strengths:

Contact Anthony Spadafore, coauthor of the Now What? career choice book for young professionals.