Best Books On Career Change & Resources

The Best Books on Career Change, Choice & More Resources

Pathfinders recommends the top-selling, best books on career change. These reading materials also include how to choose your career, personal development, living fully, and developing your self-confidence to go after what you want most.

See reviews on the essential bestselling career change and career choice books by Nicholas Lore. The Pathfinder and Now What? (Young Person’s Guide, co-written with Anthony A. Spadafore of 


Now What: Young Person's Guide

Below are more top books on career change to help you choose your career path . . .

Getting Your Act Together

The Art of Living Well

Career Transition Strategy (Unconventional)

Understanding Personality Type and Intelligence

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Therapy & Self-discovery Resources

Life In Depth Counseling – Need a therapist to help you explore unhealthy patterns, process unresolved emotions, and reconnect with purpose and meaning? Ryan J. Napolitano, MA, LPC, offers a holistic approach that allows you to rediscover joy and live a more fulfilling life. Ryan will guide you to address immediate concerns while also fostering long-term growth, leading to increased self-awareness, clarity, relief, understanding, and self-acceptance.

Mindful Healing Counseling Services, LLC – Dr. Monica Paige Band, a master at the mindfulness counseling approach, can help you build self-awareness and unlock your full potential. She’s located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

TED Talks – Explore videos by great scientists and speakers; cool ideas worth spreading –