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Life Science Graduate Student : Careerfinder Program : Aptitude Test to Choose Career Path 

July 2011

Dear Anthony,

I want to say once more how helpful our discussion about my career direction was last week. Going into our meeting, I felt that I already knew myself pretty well, but your Careerfinder test and coaching added new depth of insight into who I am and how I want to shape my career.

Many (if not most!) of your observations and illustrative examples “rang true” for me, and have given me much to reflect on.

There will be no easy answers to my “career choice question.” I already have an inkling of the difficulty of being a non-spatially oriented scientist in a spatially-oriented [3-D] ocean science/conservation research world . . . but an awareness of my collective aptitudes and personality will help me to customize a career. Exploring my options will take time, but I will keep you posted.

Again, I am appreciative for the opportunity to consult with you. You possess a superb ability to articulate ideas and ask meaningful questions, and it is evident why you excel in your field. I hope it continues to be rewarding work—or is it “play”?

I also want you to know that the work you’ve done on the Now What? book has had such a positive influence on my life – not only in terms of career options, but my understanding of myself, human nature/personalities, and what influences and motivates the people in my life.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and perspective.

Most sincerely,
Marine biologist

——————follow up:  July 2011—————-


I received the mp3 file — what a help!

Thank you again for your time and energies in coaching me about my future career direction in marine biology. I prepared as thoroughly as possible before our meeting and found that you had worked just as hard to give me a thorough, customized advising session. Thank you for patiently addressing all of my questions, concerns, and ponderings. I am grateful that you found your niche in tackling the “career choice problem.”

It was such a relief to learn that my path up until now as been a good fit (shouldn’t have been a communications major, ha!). I feel better prepared to move forward — to hone in and optimize! I will update you on my progress in the coming months.

With much gratitude,


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