Design Your Career Path

What Am I Naturally Good At? Do I Go to Grad School in My Field or Change Careers Altogether?    

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What Career Path Should I Choose?

1. Figure Yourself Out

» What career paths fit my natural talents? Career decisions are complex but you can be smart about it when you know what you’re innately good at.

» If you found free career quizzes and self-assessments to be a bit fluffy, you’ll be intrigued by how professional career aptitude testing and expert career guidance can give you an in-depth, scientific understanding of your natural talents and personality traits, as well as a strong confidence in how to nurture and master your innate potential.

» If you’re unsure of what you love enough to turn into a career, your natural abilities will help narrow your focus to your career path “sweet spots.”

2. Design Your Career Path

» Your inborn talents are your engine under the hood, and guide your choice of tasks, functions and roles that come naturally and put you in a space of being “in the zone.” And, once you shrink the world down to your talent ballpark, it gets easier to narrow things down and figure out what particular problems you care most about solving.

» Workplace culture or “where you work” should fit your natural habitat, a place that puts you in your element and turns on your drive to make a difference.

» Deciding whether to quit your job and go back to grad school, start a business, or pioneer your own trail is a “launch strategy,” save this for later, after you’ve designed your core career path elements above.

3. Prototype & Experiment

»  Captain and navigate your ship wisely, research your career prototypes extensively. Experientially test-driving your future will save 10 to 15 years of job-hopping into the wrong careers, really, it’s a jungle out there. 

»  Use precious resources wisely by pursuing the right advanced education, but only if you actually need that. I meet lots of smart people who skipped steps 1 and 2 and went to grad school to attain a master’s degree that didn’t pan out or fit who they are. 

» With a well-designed career blueprint for your future, you’ll be set up to continually craft, customize and adapt to a fast changing world.

» Pursue your career just like Luke in Star Wars, seriously, a really awesome career is a Hero’s Journey. You’ll stand out as a “natural” and make a name for yourself as one of the best at what you do.