How long does the career change process take?

How long does the career change process take?

What kind of time commitment does it require? It depends on the complexity of your situation. Designing your career change strategy is a process, rather than a one-time event. On the long end, our CareerCX program is comparable to the time investment you’d make for a single graduate course at any major university, about 3 to 4 months on average. You get one-on-one attention the whole way through the program, and you’re done in about the same time it takes to do a one semester course. If you want to get through it faster, let’s set up a call to discuss your situation and explore a customized way to fast-track the process for you.

The goal or outcome of CareerCX program is to have your career blueprint, designed by your own hand, to serve as your map and compass forward. Keep in mind that making a full career change takes many years after you finish working with us. Our program is strategic, not tactical. Most of our clients engage in this design and planning process well in advance of launching their change, very few have the training or readiness to get a job in their new field while working with us.

The Career Quest program is perfect for young professionals who have a gut sense that they need to make a big change but don’t know exactly where they’re headed. Many tell us they are considering an advanced education and want to be sure their tuition dollars are going to be well spent.

As well, many 40-something professionals who have completed the Quest or CareerCX programs at mid-career say these kinds of courses are a must, and wonder why a similar “career direction 101” class isn’t mandatory for all college students.

Our mid-career professionals tell us stories full of wisdom, like how their initial career choice seemed logical, recalling that it felt like a good idea at the time. Laughing out loud, they recall how their younger self struggled to steer the ship without a map or clear destination in mind.

Pathfinders is Unique

There are very few career consultants in the world who do what we do. We expertly guide you step-by-step to discover, design, quest, choose and strategize a customized career path. We help you to answer the big, difficult questions: “What am I best at?” and “What should I do with my life?” For a diagram of how our programs map to the 4-phase career design process, check our approach to see how the process works.

Stuff We Don’t Do

Keep in mind that our are services are not at all like traditional job placement services offered by employment agencies, we are not headhunters or job finders. Nor do we offer résumé services, interviewing skills, or job placement contacts.